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Dr. Guido Leidig
Ecologic-Economic Oriented Jurisprudence,
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Interdisziplinarität als Forschungsstrategie,
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Evolution of Science, Jurisprudence and Interdisziplinary Research,
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International Spatial Planning, Environmental Sustainability and the European Regional/Spatial Planning Charter,
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Ecologically oriented spatial planning and multidisciplinary research,
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Regional Science Methodology and Scientific Evolution,
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http://prjw eb2.economia.utovrm.it/ersa97cd/ersa97/abstract/sessp.htm#p9.
Scientific Evolution, Regional Science and new Multidisciplinary Approaches,
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Natural Environment, Natural Law and Legal Theory in the Light of Natural Sciences: Chaos-Theory, the next step?,
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The Concept and Tooling of Efficient Business Operation,
(mit N.N. Afanasyeva/G.L. Bagiev), WTCE, World Trade Center Ekaterinburg,
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Legal Theory and Chaos Theory,
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